Azure Security Center enables you to strengthen your security posture.

Yuri Diogenes joins Scott Hanselman to show how Security Center helps you identify and perform the hardening tasks recommended as security best practices and implement them across your machines, data services, and apps.

Content Index:

  • [0:00:00]- Intro
  • [0:00:24]- Episode start
  • [0:04:41]- Demo: Security Center dashboard
  • [0:05:20]- Demo: Security recommendations
  • [0:06:20]- Demo: Quick fix remediation
  • [0:07:20]- Demo: View remediation logic
  • [0:08:00]- Demo: Regulatory compliance
  • [0:09:06]- Demo: Standard tier overview (threat protection)
  • [0:11:48]- Demo: Security alerts
  • [0:13:19]- Demo: Security alert suppression rules
  • [0:15:54]- Episode wrap-up

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Azure Security Center for IoT can help you monitor and manage your IoT security posture.

Organizations can now easily protect their IoT deployments using hundreds of built-in security assessments drawn from the industry best practices, or create custom rules in a central dashboard. With newly added IoT security capabilities, you can now reduce attack surface for your Azure IoT solution and remediate issues before they can be exploited.

In this episode of the IoT Show, IoT Security experts show how to onboard to Azure Security Center for IoT and demo some of the many security values you will get.

For more details, visit Azure Security Center for IoT documentation at: