This episode of the  helps the user understand how to add custom skills to a skillset in Azure Cognitive Search.

It explains what it means to enrich content as part of the ingestion pipeline.

The video describe the interface for a custom skill and how you can create your own custom skill. It introduces you to power skills so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Indexing and Querying are pivotal when building the search platform.

This video explains how Azure cognitive search works and how developers can add their own input to it.

The focus is on explaining how information processing in search engine is divided in to indexing and querying,  important steps for both the processes, document processing, adding indexing time, creating inverted index, retrieving documents and writing the results.

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Search based apps are crucial for any business or enterprise for a variety of scenarios and end goals.

Heres a video that highlights very specific capabilities for ingesting, enriching, indexing and visualization of the data.

Watch to better understand what is azure cognitive search, the underlying technology, what unique capabilities does it offer and how can they can get started to build great apps for web, mobile or line of business.

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How can organizations do more with their data using the and AI capabilities of Azure Cognitive Search.

Watch this video to see how they can take data from databases and files and easily mine it for additional knowledge, allowing them to better explore and understand their information.


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Jacob Jedryszek joins Scott Hanselman to talk about about using Cognitive Services with Azure Search with your mobile and web apps. Skip hiring search experts who know what an inverted index is.

Don’t worry about distributed systems expertise to scale your service to handle large amount of data.

And forget about setting up, owning and managing the infrastructure. Let Azure Search do it all for you!

In this video, learn how to apply AI to understand your business documents by deploying a cognitive search solution on your data, including customer testimonies and demos.

Cognitive search allows you to apply AI (Cognitive Skills) to your data to extract entities and relationships from your unstructured documents, turning them into your private knowledge store. The video also introduces the new Knowledge Store that is now part of Cognitive Search, and explore new features and capabilities (complex type, storage-optimized SKU, etc.).