Here’s a great blog post on how to build out a Knowledge Mining solution on Azure with Azure Search and Cognitive Services.

Recently, Uche Adegbite and I had the opportunity to discuss Knowledge Mining with Azure Search at the Microsoft Azure Government DC Meetup . In our presentation we demonstrated how to use Cognitive Search to take your knowledge discovery capabilities to the next level. This brief post is a follow-up […]

In this video, Christos Matskas (@ChristosMatskas) joins us to share the story of an interesting application he built using the Azure SDKs for .NET and Cognitive Services. We not only get an overview of creating custom vision models, but also a demo of the docker containers for cognitive services. Christos also shares how he was able to leverage .NET standard libraries to maximize code portability and re-use.

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For websites or services that accept content from users, it is critical to have that material reviewed to filter out any offensive/inappropriate content.

The Content Moderator platform provides us with a set of APIs for monitoring possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content.

Watch this video to see Sanjeev Jagtap discuss how to leverage the Content Moderator platform and its collection of APIs to help detect potential unwanted content in .NET applications.

I should see this about detecting spam comments here. 🙂

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