A colleague of mine, Ayman El-Ghazali, worked through data from the state of Maryland.

Code is available on GitHub.

I chose not source my data directly from Maryland’s State Government site because the format was not easy to use. The official Maryland Government provided data basically has each day as a column and had the rows as Zip Codes — not as easy as the data provided from the site above. So there may be few discrepancies between the data on a day to day basis, but the totals are identical. You can read about their methodologies of retrieving data from various official State Government websites and the quality of each.

In BlueGranite’s recent webinar, you will see several examples of Python in action for data modeling and visualization in Power BI. You will also learn where and how Python fits into a Power BI development workflow.

You’ll also see how to balance Python with native Power BI functionality and determine what limitations must be considered when using Python in Power BI.

freeCodeCamp.org has provided this full 12 hours course on data visualization with D3.js

In this data visualization course, you’ll learn how to transform data into meaningful graphical forms using D3.js and web technologies. D3 is a JavaScript library for visualizing data with HTML, SVG, and CSS. Besides teaching all about D3, this beginner’s course also covers the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SVG so you will have all the prerequisite knowledge to create stunning data visualizations.

Course index below video.

⭐️ Course Contents & Code ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Data Visualization Course Overview
⌨️ (0:02:50) Why Visualize Data?
⌨️ (0:14:28) Inputs for Data Visualization: Data & Tasks
⌨️ (0:29:31) Intro to Javascript
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/1e6587bb27c54c368deae8b79a7ca59a
⌨️ (1:57:35) Intro to HTML, CSS & SVG
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/366c38ba5ebc4631b4bd936f3b709744
⌨️ (2:31:56) Intro to D3.js – Let’s Make a Face!
Code: https://vizhub.com/68416/be771477cb974c938cd8603dd8b59d32
⌨️ (3:15:06) Making a Bar Chart with D3.js and SVG
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/dd44f8fcdc8346ff90bddd63572bf638
⌨️ (3:44:02) Customizing Axes of a Bar Chart with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/a44b38541b6e47a4afdd2dfe67a302c5 
⌨️ (4:10:03) Making a Scatter Plot with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/9247d4d42df74185980f7b1f7504dcc5
⌨️ (4:34:22) Making Line and Area Charts with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/012b5b20ce894b0fa7dc98ef3a0b43a5
⌨️ (5:04:36) The General Update Pattern of D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/7f4137a77b564607ae2791ab1e49cf7e
⌨️ (6:04:30) Marks & Channels in Data Visualization
⌨️ (6:28:43) Interaction with Unidirectional Data Flow using D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/c2274b1dfe914115bac48f437b3c104e
⌨️ (6:45:13) Making a World Map with D3
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/c5475d7c95d348d5b8268012fbccb728
⌨️ (7:02:43) Cheap Tricks for Interaction on a D3.js World Map
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/4fb5e4e665474a169325bd18cdc3d0c0
⌨️ (7:25:37) Blank Canvas
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/0c35fdf97a6042188b5550e6712de315
⌨️ (7:30:43) Building a Tree Visualization of World Countries with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/4f92c793909f48d28012e43ddab716df
⌨️ (8:04:48) Color and Size Legends with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/92c34f62c0f948e89e87d28907c08715
⌨️ (8:33:27) Choropleth Map with D3.js
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/d5ad96d1fe8148bd827a25230cc0f083
⌨️ (9:05:16) Interactive Filtering on a Choropleth Map
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/5c907e49d0294538aad03ad1f41e1e28
⌨️ (9:51:00) Using Color in Visualization
⌨️ (10:07:54) Scatter Plot with Menus
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/98ba4daacc92442f8d9fd7d91bfd712a
⌨️ (10:54:03) Circles on a Map
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/8704c9b7c6df43cabf839aa3f1cb7b70
⌨️ (11:35:51) Line Chart with Multiple Lines
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/2546209d161e4294802c4ac0098bebc2
⌨️ (11:59:34) Melting and Munging Data with JavaScript
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/ecb0793c7d674100b3e3133d92cb6957
⌨️ (12:28:29) Selecting a Year on a Line Chart
Code: https://vizhub.com/curran/501f3fe24cfb4e6785ac75008b530a83

Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale. Azure Synapse brings these two worlds together with a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs. All of this leverages our limitless Azure Data Lake Storage service for any type of data.

Microsoft Mechanics explains.

Azure Time Series Insights (TSI) now integrates with Microsoft Power BI.

In this episode of the IoT Show, Deepak Palled, Product Manager, Azure TSI, discusses the two top scenarios for this new capability:

  1. You can integrate data in Azure TSI with other data from line of business applications charted in Power BI to gain new business insights,
  2. You can access additional charting options in Power BI for your Azure TSI data to identify patterns or trends.

Watch Deepak demo how Azure TSI processes data coming from live sensors in Building 121 on the Microsoft Redmond campus and how this the data flows into Power BI for charting.

SandDance provides data visualization in the context of the data you are operating in and gives you interactive data exploration where you can quickly find pattern, trends and anomalies from the data.

It’s rich interactive 3D viewer gives the effects of different attributes on the data and its ease of use provides data engineers with a powerful in place tool to visualize their data.

Find out more.