The Lunar rover has been instrumental in helping us advance our understanding of the Moon and our Universe, and in the new Netflix Original, Over the Moon, it makes an appearance when Fei Fei lands on the moon with her buddy Bungee and brother Chin.

In this video, Dr. G will build an image classifier using Azure Custom Vision to identify Bungee so that the Lunar Rover can capture in-the-moment pictures of Bungee (and not rocks) on the Moon and send them to Fei Fei to keep as memories!

No coding experience required!

Here’s an interesting look at how data played (and continues to play) in space exploration.

00:00 – Introduction and Agenda for the episode
02:49 – Setup local environment guidelines
03:56 – Setup for this project and intro to Python notebooks in VSCode
06:40 – Choosing data for analysis – NASA Lunar Rock Curation
07:51 – Discussion on importance of weight in space exploration
08:56 – Defining problem to solve through data science practices
10:45 – Import and explore data into notebook with pandas
14:12 – Manipulate rock sample data to match rocket data
18:30 – Create dataframe to view data based on unique missions
20:23 – Add total sample amount for each mission
23:05 – Comparing missions
24:09 – Removing not-a-number values
25:04 – Add rocket ship data into dataframe
26:47 – Add rocket payload data and determine ratios
29:00 – Add Artemis data
30:42 – Estimate sample weight per Artemis mission
31:37 – Determining the right samples to collect
36:00 – Exploring the cut of samples to prioritize
38:00 – Finalizing the samples that represent the profile for new samples
40:09 – Create the dataframe final profile for new sample gathering
44:50 – Determine recommendations based on Artemis constraints
47:01 – Recap