We can all agree that data analytics is critical to any company’s success, but what does it mean to have a data driven culture?

Here’s an interesting article on that topic.

The importance of data analytics in company’s culture lies in the fact that it has become a core part of any business in today’s tech-savvy corporate world. By consolidating these parts, a productive information investigation activity will give an idea of where you are, the place you have been and where you ought to go.

As the way toward examining crude information to discover patterns and answer questions, the meaning of information investigation catches its expansive extent in the field. In any case, it incorporates numerous methods with a wide range of objectives.

Here’s an interesting (if not pessimistic) look at the near term future of Quantum AI’s wider deployment.

Quantum AI executes ML (machine learning), DL (deep learning), and other data-driven AI algorithms reasonably well.

As an approach, quantum AI has moved well beyond the proof-of-concept stage. However, that is not the same as being able to claim that quantum approaches are superior to classical approaches for executing the matrix operations upon which AI’s inferencing and training workloads depend.