With apologies to fellow Fordham alum Lana Del Ray, this time of year has been for the last decade more hectic than usual.

Both of my kids have birthdays in the second half of December. You can imagine the chaos of two children’s birthdays the week before Christmas.

Posts will slow down for the remainder of the year, but will still come out.

Maybe, I will even write a deep and profound “decade in review,” as this last decade has been quite transformative.

In case you’re wondering why the usual steady low of posts has slowed down a bit over the last week, my wife had to have surgery and I’ve been focused on taking care of her and our family.

She’s recovering quite well and I hope to be delivering you great AI and Data Science content back at the usual pace soon.

It was 23 years ago today, that I uploaded the first HTML, JPG, and GIF files that were Frank’s World.

The site has changed over the years, and most recently shifted towards Data Science.

Here’s a little timeline of important events.

And here’s a live stream I recorded today reflecting on 23 years of Frank’s World.