Talk about cold storage.

The GitHub Arctic Code Vault is a data repository preserved in the Arctic World Archive (AWA), a very-long-term archival facility 250 meters deep in the permafrost of an Arctic mountain. The archive is located in a decommissioned coal mine in the Svalbard archipelago, closer to the North Pole than the Arctic Circle. GitHub will capture a snapshot of every active public repository on 02/02/2020 and preserve that data in the Arctic Code Vault. 

It can become overwhelming as a data scientist to simply keep track of all that’s happening in machine learning. This series of blog posts takes that pain away by highlighting the top ML GitHub repos each month. Check out the top 6 machine learning GitHub repositories created in June.

There’s a heavy focus on NLP again, with XLNet outperforming Google’s BERT on several state-of-the-art benchmarks. All machine learning GitHub repositories are open source; download the code and start experimenting! Introduction Do you sometimes feel that […]

Sure, Build 2019 may be over, but the videos are available online to stream anytime.

What if you wanted to watch the videos offline, look at all the slide decks, or simply set up a playlist and binge watch?

Sure you could download each file manually or use the bulk downloader PowerShell script Microsoft provides.  Manually downloading hundreds of videos seems like a waste of time.

As for the PowerShell script: it names the local files based on the Build session ID code.

I don’t know about you, but I found that frustrating. So, I did something about it: I made a session downloader in C# .NET Core and made the code available on GitHub.

The utility is no-frills and, like its predecessor, you are welcome fork and modify the code.


Speaking of open source, here’s a list of the top 10 open source projects on GitHub.

Every year, the GitHub community digs deeper into open source projects and extracts the top open source projects by the contributor count. The information on this article has been cited from the original documentation and the sources are also cited inside. Here are the top 10 open source projects […]

Damian sits down with Product Manager Gopinath Chigakkagari to talk about deploying to Azure using GitHub Actions.

In this video, Gopi walks through a deployment process inside GitHub Actions to deploy a containerized application to Azure on a new push to a repository. Along the way, he’ll also show some of the features and advantages of GitHub Actions itself.

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