Recently the Global AI Community held their annual Global AI Bootcamp where Eric Boyd (Corporate Vice President of Azure AI) was the keynote speaker.

Due to the scheduling of the event, I was unable to make the DC one.

In this video, Eric Boyd and Seth Juarez discuss Azure AI’s strategy and focus for the future, how users of all skill level can build ML models, and heavy investments based on customer demand.

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Last night was the Global AI Night and it was a pleasure and an honor to speak at the one in DC. The venue was awesome and the crowd was great!

Here are a sampling of tweets. I even did a live stream after the event.



A little BoJack Horseman Reference
Photo courtesy of Chris Calso
Using TensorFlow Playground to demonstrate weights and loss.
Photo courtesy of Sonam Gupta

And then, I had to put on my unicorn hat to make sure the neural network learned properly. After all, Data Scientists are part unicorn. 😉