Your GraphQL schema is a contract of the data that clients can request from your API. A well designed schema is essential for any GraphQL enabled application.

In this video, Cecil Phillip & Michael Staib talk about some important aspects of GraphQL schema design with the Hot Chocolate framework. 


  • [00:38] – Overview of GraphQL schema design
  • [02:44] – Defer loading portions of the schema
  • [03:52] – Discussing schema first design
  • [05:11] – Using resolvers in HotChocolate
  • [06:51] – Retching data with fragments
  • [10:42] – Understanding Query types
  • [13:03] – Defining schema using the SchemaBuilder
  • [14:46] – Working with multiple IDs
  • [18:11] – Structuring mutations
  • [20:05] – Returning error responses in GraphQL
  • [23:33] – Learn more about GraphQL with the free workshop

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With Schema stitching,  developers can create a unified GraphQL schema from multiple underlying GraphQL APIs.

This has the benefit of reducing multiple data queries for data in a single request from one schema.

In this episode,  Jeremy chats with the author of Hot Chocolate, Michael Staib, about how .NET developers can implement GraphQL schema stitching with Hot Chocolate.

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In this video, learn how to consume a GraphQL endpoint from a C# client, specifically an iOS + Android written in C# using Xamarin.

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  • [02:17] – Querying a GraphQL endpoint
  • [06:59] – Viewing the results in a Xamarin app
  • [09:58] – Alternative programming models
  • [11:00] – Follow up resources

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In this episode of On.NET, Brandon gives us an introduction to GraphQL.

He talks to us about its origin, its benefits, and he even walks us through the GitHub GraphQL API.

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Time index.

  • [01:02] – What is GraphQL?
  • [06:05] – How does GraphQL compare to OData?
  • [08:00] – Exporing the GitHub GraphQL APIs with GraphiQL
  • [11:52] – Making client requests
  • [14:18] – Recap

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GraphQL is an exciting new API architecture. Join us in this special series where you’ll learn the basics of GraphQL, how to interact with an existing GraphQL endpoint, how to create your first GraphQL Server, and how to deploy your GraphQL Server to the cloud using Azure!


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