In this video, Anna Hoffman and Jeroen ter Heerdt discuss and show how to create auto-failover groups in Azure SQL using PowerShell notebooks and a Java application.

This video was based on a tutorial, which you can follow here:

To compare geo-replication and auto-failover groups, refer to the table here:

Time Index:

  • [00:30] Background
  • [01:15] Comparing geo-replication and auto-failover groups
  • [02:12] Tutorial for implementing a geo-distributed database
  • [02:45] Demo starts
  • [04:55] Failover initiated
  • [06:21] Fail back and summary

In this video, learn how you can get a better TCO for recommended SQL Server HADR architectures with your Software Assurance benefits.


  • Intro
  • Deploying SQL Server in High Availability / Disaster Recovery configuration
  • HA and DR benefits introduced in November 2019
  • Applying HA / DR benefits to typical HA/DR configuration
  • Contrasting licensing before and after November 2019
  • Application to older versions of SQL Server and various architectures
  • Summary

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