While the hype around neural networks may have some ground truth to it, they are not the answer to every single problem.

Here’s a great look at where they may fall short.

Unlike other algorithms, neural networks with their deep learning cannot be programmed directly for the task. Just like a new developing brain, they have the requirement to learn the information. The major advantage of neural networks is its ability to outpace almost every other machine learning algorithm.

AI may get all the headlines, but it is impossible to create good algorithms without data, lots and lots of data.

Here’s a thought provoking piece on the three critical components of AI.

Guess which one is the most important?

AI is leaping all around us everywhere we look, both in areas that border on science fiction, like self-driving cars to the more ordinary tasks like what show should I watch on Netflix/Amazon. AI is continuing to have an enormous influence on almost every walk of life, from businesses to civilization.