If you have large data sets that seem too big to map, then watch this IoT show to learn how to cluster data in Azure Maps so your users can rapidly extract insights from very large data sets.

Ricky Brundritt, Principal Technical Program Manager, Azure Maps, takes you on a historical journey from grid-based clustering to radius-based clustering. You’ll learn how the power of the open source community has contributed to the supercluster library which Azure Maps leverages extensively. Watch Ricky demo and step through Azure Maps code for clustering using large data sets of shipwrecks and earthquakes. Learn how to use cluster aggregates to perform calculations based on properties of the children of each cluster. Ricky wraps up with a demo visualizing clustered map data in the form of pie charts—again, to enable your users to extract insights quickly.

Access demo source code here: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsSamples

If you ever wanted to up your home networking game with backup to Dropbox and secure remote access from everywhere through your own VPN, all based on Docker containers, then check out what Andreas Spiess has done.

In this video, he covers:

  • Install Docker with many containers like Mosquitto, Node-Red, Grafana, influxDB, Postgres, Portainer, and Adminer
  • Increase the live expectancy of your SD card by disabling swapping and by installing log2ram- Automatically backup all valuable data to the cloud, in our case, to Dropbox
  • Setup PiVPN to remotely and securely access our home network from anywhere in the world- Besides that, you will learn a lot of useful things about Docker containers

Links & Code:

Are you interested in connected vehicles?

In this video, you’ll get an overview of Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).

MCVP is plumbing—the undifferentiated, heavy lifting common across connected vehicle applications—that Microsoft has made available as a platform.

MCVP provides connectivity, message delivery to the vehicle, and software updates so OEMs can focus on creating a unique customer experience.

Learn how you can send device telemetry messages (aka.ms/IoTShow/TelemetryOnEventGrid) from Azure IoT Hub to Azure Event Grid.

Ashita Rastogi, Senior PM, IoT Hub team, joins the IoT Show to dive into details about the advantages of this new feature as well as to demo it for viewers.

After the show, you’ll understand how you can build a solution that triggers a serverless application to deliver a notification on Microsoft Teams, when a new telemetry message is sent from your IoT Hub.

Learn what’s new in the IoT in Action events (aka.ms/iotshow/iotinactionevents) by joining Analisa Roberts, Director of Global IoT Marketing, and Sarah Maston, IoT Solution Architect.

The series will be kicking off in Santa Clara on October 10, and continuing in over 30 cities world-wide! IoT in Action is your chance to build new experiences and drive rapid innovation in your business with the intelligent edge – together with Microsoft and their IoT Partner ecosystem. Register today and leverage this unique opportunity to connect with customers and partners from across the IoT ecosystem.

Learn about LoRaWAN and The Things Network (https://aka.ms/iotshow/thethingsnetwork) from Johan Stokking, co-founder of The Things Network.

Did you know a LoRa device can run for a few years on a single AAA battery?

This makes LoRaWAN ideal for IoT scenarios.

Johan also discusses the Things Network and its community-driven effort to build a global LoRaWAN network now at 8500 gateways. Also, The Things Network now simplifies provisioning of LoRa devices with QR codes.

Finally, watch a demo of how to connect the LoRa infrastructure and a LoRa device to Azure in order to detect the freefall of the object.

IoT Plug and Play is now in public preview (https://aka.ms/IoTShow/IoTpnp).

In this episode of the IoT Show, you will see the new Azure IoT Central experience with native support for IoT Plug and Play.

Azure IoT Central has drastically simplified the task of building IoT solutions by eliminating the need for any cloud side development.

With IoT Plug and Play solution builders can explore a range of Azure IoT Certified Plug and Play devices; pick the devices that best fit their solution needs and build a production grade solution within days without having to write a single line of embedded code, drastically cutting down the time to market and costs.

After watching this short episode of the IoT Show and if you want to learn more, tune in (or watch on demand) the IoT Show Deep Dive episode: https://aka.ms/iotshow/deepdive/006

In this episode, Deb and Dani talk with entrepreneur and founder of MachineQ, Alex Khorram. 

MachineQ, a division of Comcast Corporation, is helping their customers transform by providing Low Power Network (LPN) based solutions to customers looking to embrace the power of IoT.  

Hear how his team approaches the market to democratize IoT for all users, not just developers and provides industry solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page.