In this episode, Luis shows how much more can really be done with Cognitive Search (with recipes to boot).

Extracting structure from unstructured data is a powerful addition to Cognitive Search!

His demo gives an amazing step-by-step process for using Cognitive search to enrich your index.

Main Demo starts at 4:56


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n this episode of the AI Show Vinod Kurpad stops by to show a new surprising feature of Azure Search called the knowledge store.

The more I have explored Azure Search the more amazed I have been.

In this case Vinod presents an end to end walk through of how you can ingest, enrich, project and analyze your data using the knowledge store feature of Azure Search.

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Jacob Jedryszek joins Scott Hanselman to talk about about using Cognitive Services with Azure Search with your mobile and web apps. Skip hiring search experts who know what an inverted index is.

Don’t worry about distributed systems expertise to scale your service to handle large amount of data.

And forget about setting up, owning and managing the infrastructure. Let Azure Search do it all for you!

Here’s a great blog post on how to build out a Knowledge Mining solution on Azure with Azure Search and Cognitive Services.

Recently, Uche Adegbite and I had the opportunity to discuss Knowledge Mining with Azure Search at the Microsoft Azure Government DC Meetup . In our presentation we demonstrated how to use Cognitive Search to take your knowledge discovery capabilities to the next level. This brief post is a follow-up […]