ExplainingComputers provides an overview of eight x86 single board computers (SBCs)

X86 SBC overview, including LattePanda, Udoo, Odyssey & Digital Loggers boards. All of the single board computers featured in this video are based on an x86, x86-64 or AMD64 CPU, and have been reviewed in depth on this channel in the following videos

Content index:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:32 Atomic Pi
  • 03:10 LattePanda V1.0
  • 06:00 UDOO X86 AP
  • 08:02 LattePanda Delta
  • 10:25 Odyssey X86J4105
  • 13:23 LattePanda Alpha
  • 15:57 UDOO Bolt V8

ExplainingComputers explores Edge computing definitions and concepts.

This non-technical video focuses on edge computing and cloud computing, as well as edge computing and the deployment of vision recognition and other AI applications.

Also introduced are mesh networks, SBC (single board computer) edge hardware, and fog computing.