Join Dona, Sarah, and Tomasz Posytek in this episode.

Tomasz brings together pro dev and low code tools and puts them to use in the Power Platform. Tomasz is a business applications consultant who specializes in creating applications and automating workspaces. In the show he talks about how to use the LUIS service from Microsoft Azure together with Power Automate to help a common problem that many people face, resulting in HUGE amounts of time saved!

Build 2020 starts today and here’s a special Build edition of the AI Show that covers the Bot Framework Composer.

Bot Framework Composer is an open source, integrated bot development environment available as a cross platform application on GitHub.

Bot Framework Composer provides a one stop shop environment that seamlessly integrates several key aspects of building a conversational application including language understanding, dialog modeling, language generation, memory management, and integration with external resources.

In this session, you will learn about advanced understanding and language generation capabilities offered by Bot Framework Composer. The following language understanding topics are covered in this session – flexible slot filling, interruption handling, handling local intents, confirmation & correction experience for language understanding.

You will also learn about building bots with advanced language generation capabilities including conditional response generation, media/ card generation with data binding. Introducing Bot Framework Composer is a recommended prerequisite for this session.

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Anna Thomas has been collecting notes for the past two years from field members (internal and external) who have developed complex LUIS models. In this video, learn some of the limitations or challenges that are faced when you try to deploy enterprise-ready LUIS models at scale, and how they can be addressed.

The related blog post can be found at The related video on botbuilder-tools is here.

The one and only John Papa sits down with Brian Clark to talk about all things bots.

What exactly is a bot? What all can bots do?

Watch this video to find out and, if that’s not incentive enough, there may or may not be dancing.

Learn about the General Availability release of Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service, the two top-notch AI services to create amazing conversational AI experiences.

Find out how to get started easily with Azure Bot Service to create a bot using out of box templates such as the Language Understanding template, and reach your audience with multiple supported channels.


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