In case you haven’t already noticed it, PowerPoint now includes AI technologies.

They help people create better presentations and become better presenters. Come see how AI helps make creating presentations quicker and easier with Designer and Presenter Coach.

In this video from Microsoft Research, learn how PowerPoint can listen to you practice and provide helpful tips for improvement.

Here’s an interesting new product from Microsoft: Azure Lighthouse.

Grow your business profitably and efficiently to service more customers, larger workloads, and most mission-critical apps with precision on Microsoft Azure. Azure Lighthouse provides advanced automation on Azure for you to confidently manage multiple customers’ Azure estates at scale and protect your management IP.

With Azure Lighthouse, your customers can have greater visibility into service provider activities, increasing transparency and trust. Discover how this foundational management capability works consistently across Azure services and licensing models to help streamline managed service operations and can help our partners focus increasingly more on providing differentiated services to customers. Learn more:

After four years using HoloLens internally, Airbus is partnering with the tech company to sell specialized holographic programs using the mixed-reality headsets.

Microsoft HoloLens helps workers train on a virtual aircraft engine. (Airbus Photo) After four years using Microsoft’s HoloLens internally, aerospace giant Airbus is partnering with the tech company to sell specialized holographic programs that run on the mixed-reality headsets to other companies in aerospace and defense. Microsoft and Airbus […]

Good news for .NET developers who want to do more AI, but want to leverage their experience with C#.

Instead of glibly telling .NET developers to go learn Python, Microsoft is letting them know that they can now do machine learning work in the more familiar surroundings of the mainstream C# language. ML.NET makes this possible, and Microsoft has a GitHub repo with an array of samples to help .NET developers see how.

Build 2019 kicked off this morning and here’s a great round up post highlighting the top 10 things to check out.

Microsoft Build is underway in Seattle, and this year’s premier developer conference is focused on empowering developers of all kinds, from experienced computer scientists to tech beginners with big ideas. We’re sharing the latest on Microsoft platforms, tools and services that are making it easier to create and innovate […]