As cars increase in complexity each year, so does the knowledge field technicians need to keep current to work on them.

In this episode of The Solutions Show with Corey, Hector Garcia Tellado joins Corey Sanders to share how Mercedes-Benz USA uses Mixed Reality (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, HoloLens 2, and Teams) to bridge that knowledge gap and quickly connect field technicians with experts from around the globe to get cars back on the road fast.

Time index

  • 00:53 The problem Mercedes Benz USA wanted to solve
  • 01:38 How we approached the solution
  • 02:32 Key features of the solution
  • 04:11 Demo – HoloLens, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, and Teams integration
  • 06:18 Bottom line – benefits of the solution
  • 07:36 Other industries using a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist solution
  • 09:25 Importance to business transformation

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