In this second part episode, Fernando Mejia walks through everything you need to plan for in a Hybrid Cloud architecture for Azure Kubernetes Service.

This includes IP address concerns from on-premises to Azure, hub and spoke topology, as well as the different options you have in Azure Kubernetes Service. 

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If you, like my family and I, are stuck at home and have seen your home networking equipment put to the test.

In the past few weeks, I’ve made some changes to my home network – adjusting WiFi channels, separating the kids’ traffic from the rest of the network as much as possible.

Keep in mind that I’m a data scientist and not a network engineer and that I know enough to be dangerous. Winking smile

The last time I dealt with network layout and design Kurt Cobain, Tupac, and Biggie could have all worked on an album together.

Now, after seeing the home network that The 8-Bit Guy built, I am have serious nerd envy.

Hopefully, his setup will inspire you as well.