Seeker explains how a new kind of nuclear battery could power missions into deep space.

In April of 2020, NASA researchers announced they had come up with a new approach to fusion that has the potential to power missions into deep space, and maybe even future laptops here on Earth. This is really exciting news as when it comes to making energy, nuclear fusion is the ultimate goal because of the promise it holds of clean limitless energy that is available on demand.

While pundits decry the lack of interest in STEM fields, there are a few kids out there who really like to push the envelope. Take, for example, the story of David Hahn. The story reads like a sci-fi coming of age comedy, but it’s true.

The saddest part of the story, however, is how David met his end. It seems like someone with his intellect and drive should have been at least have been mentored or received a scholarship. With the recent push towards “STEM ALL THE THINGS,” David’s life can be a cautionary tale.