deeplizard teaches us how to normalize a dataset. We’ll see how dataset normalization is carried out in code, and we’ll see how normalization affects the neural network training process.

Content index:

  • 0:00 Video Intro
  • 0:52 Feature Scaling
  • 2:19 Normalization Example
  • 5:26 What Is Standardization
  • 8:13 Normalizing Color Channels
  • 9:25 Code: Normalize a Dataset
  • 19:40 Training With Normalized Data

NVIDIA’s DGX A100 is the world’s first 5-petaflops system.

It packs the power of a data center into a unified platform for AI training, inference, and analytics.

Sure, this video is short on content, but I like seeing what one of these looks like on the inside, if only a few moments. Smile

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang addresses 1,400+ attendees of SC19, the annual supercomputing conference. in Denver

He introduced a reference design for building GPU-accelerated Arm servers, announced the world’s largest GPU-accelerated cloud-based supercomputer on Microsoft Azure, and unveiled NVIDIA Magnum IO storage software to eliminate data transfer bottlenecks for AI, data science, and HPC workloads.

Here’s an interesting announcement that may or may not be related to a recent DataPoint I recorded at MLADS.

Nvidia and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a cloud HPC capability based on the GPU vendor’s V100 Tensor Core chips linked via an Infiniband network scaling up to 800 graphics processors. The partners announced during this week’s Supercomputer ’19 event that the GPU-accelerated supercomputer running on the Azure […]

NVIDIA had some interesting ideas and hardware to show off at the recent MWC LA.

Here’s their promo video.

At MWC LA, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang introduced the NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform, a high-performance, cloud-native edge computing platform optimized to take advantage of three key revolutions – AI, IoT and 5G – and provide the world’s leading companies the ability to build next-generation services.

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