Here’s a great post about the potential of governments opening up their data sets for the community to explore.

Not only that, but you get a step by step tutorial on how to do it on your own in Python.

This story can be found on NYC Open Data where you can find datasets for everything from 311 complaints, to taxi information, to subway entrance locations, to motor vehicle collisions, and much more.

I live in Maryland, near DC, and, from time to time, you will hear me talk about “spending quality time” on the beltway to get to Northern Virginia. The most irritating part is not the bumper to bumper traffic, it’s the fact that I actually live quite close to NoVA as the crow flies. It’s just that there are not enough bridges. However, due to many factors, a new bridge will never be built where it’s needed most. See artistic rendering below.

Going 9 miles takes 30.

I would often dream of being able to fly over the Potomac with ease. However, with recent innovations in technology, aerospace, and electric vehicles, this could actually happen (sooner than a new bridge, at least).

I know I’m not alone: images of the future have always included flying cars. But it turns out, air-commuting had a heyday in the 60s and just might make a comeback in the 2020s according to this video from Bloomberg.

It’s official: Amazon will split its second HQ between Queens in New York City and Northern Virginia, specifically Crystal City. Although Amazon refers to it as “National Landing,” which apparently is irking many Washingtonians. At this point, I would remind them that there was a time when TriBeCa¬†was laughed at.

I’m more excited at what this could mean for the DC area startup scene in the longer term.