It’s been 19 years since that Tuesday morning when the world changed.


The weather was perfect – blue skies, clear, and it felt like anything could happen.

Yesterday, was the most “Monday of all Mondays” for me and I walked out of my apartment building on John St. determined that today was going to be better.

It wasn’t better, but it certainly was different kind of day.

In this livestream, I reflect on where I was vs where I was supposed to be and what lessons I took away from 9/11.

In case you’re wondering why the usual steady low of posts has slowed down a bit over the last week, my wife had to have surgery and I’ve been focused on taking care of her and our family.

She’s recovering quite well and I hope to be delivering you great AI and Data Science content back at the usual pace soon.

Last night, I was involved in a car accident when a car in front of me stopped suddenly. I reacted as quickly as I could. I was banged up a little, but I was able to walk away from the accident a bit dizzy. (I had hit my head on the door frame.) Fortunately, my son fared better. The car, however, is likely totaled.

All of this got me thinking: could a self-driving car have fared better? I’m not 100% sure either way. On one hand, an AI based system would’ve detected the stopped car faster and applied the brakes a fraction of a second sooner. The only question is: would that have been enough? How would autonomous cars handle bad human drivers and their poor decisions?