Curbal shows you how to write if-statements like a pro.


  • 00:40 if stamentent in Excel wont work
  • 01:50 Use power query user interface to write if statement
  • 03:00 Nested if-statements
  • 03:38 AND/OR conditions in if statements
  • 04:48 NOT condtition in if statements
  • 05:20 Manage errors in if statements
  • 06:13 Advanced if statements
  • 08:19 Order of evaluation if statements

In BlueGranite’s recent webinar, you will see several examples of Python in action for data modeling and visualization in Power BI. You will also learn where and how Python fits into a Power BI development workflow.

You’ll also see how to balance Python with native Power BI functionality and determine what limitations must be considered when using Python in Power BI.