Curbal shows you how to write if-statements like a pro.


  • 00:40 if stamentent in Excel wont work
  • 01:50 Use power query user interface to write if statement
  • 03:00 Nested if-statements
  • 03:38 AND/OR conditions in if statements
  • 04:48 NOT condtition in if statements
  • 05:20 Manage errors in if statements
  • 06:13 Advanced if statements
  • 08:19 Order of evaluation if statements

The February 2019 update for Power BI Desktop has a preview of the new Key Influencers visual, which lets you perform key drivers analysis over your data with just a few clicks. There are also some major updates for Q&A with the addition of auto-generated questions and the ability to ask Insights related questions. And, much more!