If you create online courseware, being able to integrate quizzes into your slide decks could prove useful for you and your students.

In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how to insert quizzes into Microsoft PowerPoint using Microsoft Forms.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:09 Insert Quiz
  • 2:37 Difference between Form and Quiz
  • 3:08 Add title and description to Quiz
  • 3:43 Different question types
  • 4:18 Add question
  • 5:40 Specify correct answer
  • 5:54 Include message on responses
  • 6:22 Assign points to various questions
  • 6:36 Allow multiple answers, required, and other settings
  • 7:30 Add second question
  • 8:08 Add third question
  • 8:30 Copy, delete, and sort questions
  • 9:09 Preview Quiz
  • 9:28 Set themes
  • 9:50 Share Quiz outside of PowerPoint
  • 10:27 Advanced Quiz settings
  • 12:53 See Quiz in PowerPoint
  • 13:34 Submit Quiz & see results
  • 14:12 Edit Quiz
  • 14:50 Insert pre-created Quiz
  • 15:21 Review Quiz results from creator / teacher point of view
  • 17:33 Wrap up

Powerpoint Designer utilizes machine learning to provide users with redesigned slides to maximize their engagement and visual appeal.

Up to 4.1 million Designer slides are created daily and the Designer team is adding new types of content continuously.

Time Index:

  • [02:39] Demo – PowerPoint suggests design ideas to help users build memorable slides effortlessly
  • [03:28] A behind-the-scenes look at how PowerPoint was built to make intelligent design recommendations
  • [04:47] AI focused on intelligently cropping images in photos and centering the objects, positioning the images, and even using multi-label classifiers to determine the best treatment.
  • [06:00] How PowerPoint is solving for Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • [07:32] Providing recommendations when image choices don’t meet the users’ needs.
  • [09:30] How Azure Machine Learning helps the dev team scale and increase throughput for data scientists.
  • [11:10] How distributed GPUs helps the team work more quickly and run multiple models at once.

In case you haven’t already noticed it, PowerPoint now includes AI technologies.

They help people create better presentations and become better presenters. Come see how AI helps make creating presentations quicker and easier with Designer and Presenter Coach.

In this video from Microsoft Research, learn how PowerPoint can listen to you practice and provide helpful tips for improvement.