In this episode, Robert is joined by Kendra Havens. Every version of Visual Studio introduces new productivity features. If you want to see some of the ones introduced in Visual Studio 2019, check out Kendra’s video here. But what about the ones that have been in Visual Studio for a while that you may have missed?

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Once upon a time, I made my living programming in Java. When I left for the greener pastures of the .NET Framework, I thought for sure that I’d never see much Java again. However, I have encountered more Java of late in the big data world.

For those of you unfamiliar with Java or really out of practice with it, here’s a great two hour coding tutorial to teach you the ropes.

If you’re a software developer, data scientist, or anyone that requires focus for work, then you know the destructive power of distractions.  Or do you?

Distractions eat away at you slowly. They just don’t keep you from focusing, left unchecked they actually destroy your ability to focus.

Focus is an incredibly powerful skill to have in a world where attention spans grow shorter by the day.

Below is a great video introducing the Pomodoro Technique. To be fair, I was skeptical of the Pomodoro technique when I first heard about it.  It wasn’t until I tried it for myself, saw the results, and felt the difference firsthand that I became a believer.

Watch the video and, every time you think “this doesn’t apply to me, I’m not a student,” remind yourself that in a career that requires life-long learning: yes, you are a student.