Python Simplified demonstrates how to create a fully-functional Python app step by step.

In this project, we will build a graphic user interface with the brand new Dear PyGui library!
We will connect this interface to my Simple SMS Spam Filter, which we’ve built together in a previous project.
We will learn how to display images, text, user input, buttons, and separators, as well as hiding widgets and “click” event callback functions.

Starter Files:

Simplilearn explains OOP in the context of Python.

Python is an Object Oriented Programming language that allows you to create different classes and objects. This Python Classes and Objects tutorial will help you understand a class in Python and how to use Python classes. You will get an idea about an object in Python, how to declare and use objects in Python, and perform a simple demo.

Here’s a great tutorial on how OpenCV.

Time Index:

  • Introduction to Images: 2:17
  • Installations: 4:37
  • Chapter 1: 9:09
  • Chapter 2: 17:01
  • Chapter 3: 27:31
  • Chapter 4: 34:12
  • Chapter 5: 44:59
  • Chapter 6: 50:04
  • Chapter 7: 56:14
  • Chapter 8: 1:15:37
  • Chapter 9: 1:40:31
  • Project 1: 1:46:03
  • Project 2: 2:15:45
  • Project 3: 2:56:34