Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit (QDK) is a set of open-source tools designed to help developers write quantum programs at scale.

Here’s a great round up of QDK-related resources.

The most recognizable element of the QDK is Q#, a high level programming language designed for quantum programs, however the QDK is comprised of much more than that. Today, I’ll provide a comprehensive list of all the elements we ship as part of the QDK and the details of what they do, where is their source code and how they are distributed.

Could Quantum AI help you live to 200?

Google’s quantum supremacy news opens exciting doors.

A quantum computer completed a task in 200 seconds that would take 10,000 years on today’s fastest supercomputer.

This video narrated by Stephen Fry, explores the special connection between quantum computers and AI. Together, they will change everything.