In this video, learn how selecting the right partition key can make a huge difference in cost and performance with Azure Cosmos DB.

Program Manager Deborah Chen discusses how data partitioning ensures scale, why partition keys are so important for performance and cost-management, and how to select the right partition key for read-heavy or write-heavy workloads.

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Maintaining an elevated level of security and governance in regulated industries like financial services can introduce complexity and friction.

Geoff Langfield from Fidelity Investments joins Scott Hanselman to show how they’re eliminating this friction by using automation to onboard their large developer community to Azure at scale.

Video index:

  • [0:00:00]- Intro
  • [0:00:40]- Episode start
  • [0:03:47]- Demo: Fidelity’s AAF user portal, Part 1
  • [0:05:50]- Explanation of the automation workflow
  • [0:09:36]- Demo: Fidelity’s AAF user portal, Part 2
  • [0:10:47]- Architectural design discussion
  • [0:13:47]- Episode wrap-up

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