In the second part of this two-part video segment, Rohit Nayak dives deeper into the new capabilities for Azure SQL Database for Private Endpoints.

Be sure to watch the first episode to understand what Private Endpoint for Azure SQL Database.

Time index:

  • [01:09] Set-up
  • [02:00] Demo: How to connect from Public IP Address to Private Endpoint
  • [08:36] Connecting Client VM to SQL Database with a Private Endpoint
  • [10:45] How to check your deployment succeeded
  • [14:08] Now that you created a Private IP Address, can you login to the IP Address itself?
  • [15:50] Double-checking on another machine
  • [16:30] 3 key takeaways

Barry Bond and Ryan Fairfax walk through the Azure Sphere OS architecture, why we chose a Linux kernel, and how the Azure Sphere OS is designed to offer unequaled security and agility for IoT devices and experiences.

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If you, like my family and I, are stuck at home and have seen your home networking equipment put to the test.

In the past few weeks, I’ve made some changes to my home network – adjusting WiFi channels, separating the kids’ traffic from the rest of the network as much as possible.

Keep in mind that I’m a data scientist and not a network engineer and that I know enough to be dangerous. Winking smile

The last time I dealt with network layout and design Kurt Cobain, Tupac, and Biggie could have all worked on an album together.

Now, after seeing the home network that The 8-Bit Guy built, I am have serious nerd envy.

Hopefully, his setup will inspire you as well.

Even as threats to IoT devices increase, very few of them are being designed with security in mind. Azure Sphere introduces a trusted and secure platform to build software upon, combining the security of open source with Microsoft’s Seven Properties of Highly Secured Devices. Let’s walk through our security model and what it takes to keep a system secure for the next decade. Learn more:

This episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson is the first during our “new normal” of working from home.

In this episode Brad and Simon talk about how customers are getting their workforces up and running at home while keeping them secure with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

They discuss Cloud Management Gateway for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (aka SCCM) and how Conditional Access will help secure your organization during this time.

Brad and Simon also share their experiences of working from home full time and lots of resources.

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft, speaks at RSA Conference.

As organizations digitally transform, access to artificial intelligence and machine learning powered by the cloud will mean the difference between struggle or success for organizations, as bad actors look to AI to do their dirty work. While cybersecurity and operational resilience should be complementary disciplines, the one thing many organizations who recover quickly from a cyberattack possess is also the one thing many attackers don’t take into account. The human spirit. Ann Johnson, CVP Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft, will share how to create a culture where people are your best defense.Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp.

In this fascinating episode, watch how Ofir Barzilay, Principal Engineering Manager for IoT Security, demonstrates a brute force attack ( on a Raspberry Pi IoT device connected to Azure IoT Hub. You will see how Ofir attacks the device to discover its password.

Watch how he downloads a payload and infects the device. You will see him gain control over the device, connecting it to his command and control server to fully own it, showing how he can exploit it for crypto mining, DDOS and more.

At the end of the demo, Ofir demonstrates how Azure Security Center for IoT has monitored, detected, and reported on the entire attack. He also shows how Azure Security Center for IoT leverages Microsoft Threat Intelligence to flag suspicious devices. Solution builders using Azure IoT security will sleep better after watching this show.