Siraj Raval shares his secrets for learning new skills rapidly and how he has fun in the process.

I’m going to show you a day in my life in this episode. These are the daily habits that I practice to optimize my ability to learn and thus serve you better. I consider my body an input/output machine, so in order to optimize my output (educational content), I’ve got to optimize the input (my physical/mental health). My job is to educate the public on how relatively complex technologies work, and this requires me to learn a lot really fast. I’ve learned that large gains can be made in my ability to learn just my making small gains in a few different habits. The effects compound over time, that’s how habits tend to work. You might not notice the effect of any one of these habits immediately, but put them all together and follow them with sustained enthusiasm. I promise you, eventually you’re going to start seeing results. Try it for 30 days and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Recently, this tweet popped up in my feed and it got me thinking

Which led to my response.

Through a random (or synchronicity, depending on your point of view) series of consequences, I came across this video, where Tony Robbins explains that self-education rather than relying on “standard” education makes a huge difference in people’s lives.  That video is below and there’s an interesting sequence about art improving people’s lives.

I found it inspiring and I hope you do, too.