CNBC got a first look inside Lyft’s level 5 lab, where it builds self-driving cars that are being tested on roads now.

Self-driving rides are also available to select Lyft passengers in Arizona and Las Vegas, where Lyft opened its app to autonomous vehicle companies Waymo and Aptiv.

Lyft says it’s completed more than 75,000 self-driving rides.

Watch the video to see how the program works.

The interesting thing about autonomous vehicle technology is that it’s not just about cars. Here’s an interesting story about an autonomous snowplow in Canada.

Otto, the airport’s self-driving snowplow. Winnipeg’s airport is now the home of North America’s first ever autonomous snowplow. Richardson International Airport collaborated with Manitoba companies Northstar Robotics and Airport Technologies to create the plow, which was unveiled Thursday. #ICYMI : WAA partnered with @NorthStarRobot and Airport Technologies Inc. to […]

I often dream of the day when I can put my car on auto-pilot and do something productive while I find myself stuck on the DC Beltway. To many, this technology seems far fetched, but Tesla owners have a little taste of the future.

In this Facebook livestream, Robert Scoble demonstrates the particulars of his Tesla in self-driving mode in the legendary traffic corridor of Silicon Valley and fields questions from the audience.

At the recent Azure AI Fest, I had mentioned the work being done to train self-driving car AIs using video games like Grand Theft Auto V.

And, yes, Virginia, a kid on his own PC at home can compete with a multi-million dollar company at the same task. For reference, see Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. True story.