SpaceX and Blue Origin think point-to-point space travel will replace flights as the preferred means of passenger travel. A plane ride from New York City to Shanghai is about 15 hours – and it could be as long as 29 hours with connecting flights.

With point-to-point travel, SpaceX says it could get you there in less than an hour. How realistic is this approach to long-haul travel?

Now that the Falcon Heavy has flown.

In this episode of .NET Rocks, Carl and Richard geek out!

Richard talks to Carl about the amazing Falcon Heavy launch – what worked, what didn’t and why did it take so darn long to fly? The discussion dives into how the plans for the Heavy evolved, affected by the evolution of the Falcon 9. The impact of the launch is interesting – is it a new phase of spaceflight for humanity? The Heavy just barely sneaks into the super heavy lift class, and it’s flight has caused a bit of a kerfuffle – both Russia and China have announced new super heavy lift rockets.

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