I’m glad to see that the Azure Custom Vision Service is getting some press. It’s an easy and simple way to build your own computer vision models without having to train on thousands (or tens of thousands) of images. In fact, as little as 15 images can yield workable results.

Here’s an article in www.itbusiness.ca about the service.

“Customers can train their own custom image classifiers and object detectors,” said Tina Coll, the product marketing manager at Microsoft Corp. “For example, a company could choose to detect their own logo in the video of a sports event to track the impact of their advertising or a student might want to count the number of animals passing in front of a nature camera.”

Angel Wong demonstrates the AP2 (AutoPilot V2) features of her new Tesla 3. It’s not quite autonomous driving, but it is really close. I wonder how long it will be before consumers will come to expect this feature on all new cars.

Of particular interest to me is the “training period” where Autopilot is not available as the car is learning about your normal environment and your driving habits. Sounds a bit like a little transfer learning is going on.

By leveraging powerful prior knowledge about how the world works, humans can quickly figure out efficient strategies in new and unseen environments.

Currently, even state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning algorithms typically don’t have strong priors and this is one of the fundamental challenges in current research on Transfer Learning.

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