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On September 11, 2001, a heinous crime was committed against thousands of innocent people. People just like you or me deprived of life, liberty, and happiness. As a matter of fact, had I gotten up early that day, I just might have been in the building. Unfortunately, a lot of people were where they were supposed to be.

For me, the whole experience of 9/11 is somewhat fragmented, but I've been able to piece it together into three parts. Consequently, this photo essay is divided into three parts: The Night Before, 9 - 11 - 2001, and my return to my apartment three weeks later.

Recently, I've added another section called "Long Before September 11th" to celebrate what the WTC represented to many New Yorkers. It also serves as a eulogy for the famed Twin Towers

This web site was initially created in late September 2001 and modified over the following months. One thing I plan to do is upgrade the site. Hopefully, in time for the eight anniversary.

It's every survivor's moral obligation to remind people of the horrors of 9/11 so that it will never happen again..

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The Night Before

9 - 11 - 2001

Returning Three Weeks Later

The night before the attack was a strange night for me. I couldn't sleep, there was a strange glow in the sky, and channel surfing proved to only heighten my sense of dread. [ More >> ]
That Tuesday was supposed to be a normal, mundane day at a job I was less than thrilled to be at. Moments later, as I was gasping for breath, I realized what my priorities should be. [ More >> ]
Almost three weeks to the day of the attack, I returned to Manhattan for the first time to get my things out of my apartment. You can still smell the smoke. [ More >> ]

Beyond the Photos

Long Before 9/11/01



Here you'll find some photos of the WTC long before the 9/11 Attack.
[ More >> ]
It's not everyday that you survive a terrorist attack. This is what I've been doing since the attack. [ More >> ]

Contrasts: Before and After



As an avid photographer, I take a lot of pictures. In this area, you will see what New York looked like before the attack and after. [ More >> ]
America's response to the attacks has been phenomenal. The internet is a great repository of our resolve to not let the bastards get us down. [ More >> ]

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